Monday, 4 November 2013

2 Years Later

My last blog post was in July of 2011, it's now November 2013. Since then I've an Artist studio in the center of Belfast, it was great while it lasted. Rent slowly but surely crept up and I was unable to afford it.

I've not made much work since giving up the studio, this is upsetting. I did have an installation at a group show in Bangor, Northern Ireland.

Click here to watch a short clip of the installation here.

I am now trying to find my mojo again and dipping my fingers in all the pies, seeing if i'm any good at other types of art, or basically trying to regain the skill I once had. Trying to self promote myself I made a facebook artist page, I was embarrassed by it and never really showed anyone it. Over the 2 years I had there was only 20 people to like it. Recently I sent it out to the majority of my friends list and in 24 hours the number of likes tripled. This was a great feeling, it's made me feel warm and fuzzy and hopefully it helps motivate me! Wish me luck, i'll keep you posted.